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        Yanina Batrin,RDH
       Dental Hygienist

Yanina immigrated to the United States from Moscow, Russia in 1994 to learn English. She graduated with honors from Suffolk University for a degree in International Business and Computer Sciences. Soon after she started working as an operations manager for a start up company.

Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, and she took the role of a business manager in a dental office. What was interesting was that she could never have imagined working for a dental office, the place, where she was terrified as a child. She felt that there could be nothing more rewarding than seeing happy and healthy smiles of the patients and positive results from treatment performed. It made her very determined in achieving her new dream to become a part of the team of clinicians. 


She graduated from the Middlesex Community College with a degree in Dental Hygiene in 2012 and has been passionate about patient care and education ever since. She continuously attends continuing education throughout the year, learning new technologies, gadgets, better ways of care, and other different approaches to the various aspects of the profession. 


In her spare time, she enjoy spending time with her 9 year old and 15 months old boys. They are keeping her very busy with the activities and their little acts. She feels truly blessed to have them and see their smiling faces after she returns home after work. All three of them love taking long walks, play games, cook, just acting silly, and watch NFL! Go Pats!

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